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Doing Manly Man Things
July 16, 2009, 2:21 pm
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I used to bartend at this little restaurant up in Arlington, Va. The owner was one of those guys never knew really existed until I met him – he could do ANYTHING. Except figure out computer stuff, but actually saw that as a plus for him. He would build the furniture for his family’s house, he did all his own gardening (complete with beds and irrigation), he hunted, he painted, he was a spectacular cook, he did pretty much everything well that declared “this is what men were supposed to be learning how to do while we were all filing TPS reports and attending productivity seminars.”

Yesterday at my job, I got to feel that way for a few hours. I disassembled, cleaned and reassembled a beer fermenter tank (involving valve assemblies and gaskets and such), hauled kegs around, and generally did things that involved big wrenches and clamps and grunting (boy, did that come out wrong). I came home, told the wife I was feeling rugged and ordered her ass to the bedroom. At least that’s how I tell the story.

The new gig isn’t perfect. It’s a startup company, for one, so there’s always the threat that it won’t even exist in a year. They pay is just OK and there’s no benefits (thank you previous company for paying those for eight more months, thank you Obama for the massive handout. Umm, now stop with those please). But it’s an awesome start. At the end of the day I came home with two growlers of beer (perks of the job) and a book on brewing to expedite my learning the craft. And the first time I tell someone, “How’s that beer? I made it.” Well…that’s going to be a pretty awesome day. And most likely a hazy one. Glug glug.


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